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Get the guitar tone you've always dreamed of Gain access to the most coveted amps, effects, and creative tools in the world. Designed for guitarists...

Carl Martin Rock Bug Amp/

The Carl Martin Rock Bug is an Amp/Speaker Simulator and Headphone rehearsal unit that operates on a single 9v battery. Although this type of...

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ISP Technologies Michael

“I’ve spent years dialing in the Stryper tone and using many pedals and effects to do so. The THETA PRO DSP allowed me to create the perfect...

Sale Kemper 600 Watt PowerHead
SaleKemper 600 Watt PowerHead

Package contains the Kemper Profiler Powered Head and Kemper Remote with included cable. KEMPER POWERRHEAD incorporates a 600 watt amplifer Featuring...

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Kemper Head Road Case

Road case to suit Kemper head (lunchbox style) Profiler Amps.

Sale Kemper PowerHead + Remote
SaleKemper PowerHead + Remote

Package contains the Kemper Profiler Powered Head, Kemper Remote with included cable and official Kemper Head Carry Bag. The KEMPER POWERRHEAD...

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SaleKemper PowerRack and Remo

Package contains the Kemper Profiler Rack (powered version) and Kemper Remote with included cable. KEMPER POWERRACK incorporating a 600 watt amplifer...

Kemper Profiler 2-Way Swi

The Profiler Switch allows to control two switching functions remotely. The switching function are assigned globally. Connected to the Profiler...

Sale Kemper Profiler 600 Watt
SaleKemper Profiler 600 Watt

The Kemper Profiler PowerHead packs the same awesome amp modeling and emulation of the original Kemper Profiling Amplifier plus a powerful 600W power...

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Kemper Profiler DI Box

The Profiler DI Box is optimized to create perfectly authentic Direct Amplifier Profiles, which can then be monitored via guitar speaker cabinets. No...

Sale Kemper Profiler Head and
SaleKemper Profiler Head and

Package contains the Kemper Profiler Head in white (non-powered version) and Kemper Remote with included cable. KEMPER PROFILER HEAD “Profiling”...

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SaleKemper Profiler PowerRack

PowerRack version incorporating a 600 watt amplifer. Featuring a user interface almost identical to the the lunchbox version, the Kemper Profiler...